The Four Phrases That Will Change Your Life

Father Wagner has preached the “Four Phrases That Will Change Your Life” for the last 4 years all, to full churches all over the United States.  This powerful message demonstrates how the Mass is not “just another nice thing we do on Sunday mornings, but teaches us how to be authentic human beings.”

The Four Phrases Mission is a three night mission that helps people to use the example of Jesus who repaired our relationship with the Heavenly Father with his sacrifice ont he cross, and repair the relationships within our everyday lives- whether they are with God, with someone in our lives, and even within ourselves.

The Four Phrases Mission involved lively and captivating story telling, humor, and profound insight from the scriptures, the liturgy, and the Living Tradition of the Church.  This Mission is appropriate for all ages, and has been enjoyed by the young and the “experienced” alike!

Father Wagner can also do a shortened presentation of the Four Phrases in one hour, if that is what you need.

The Four Phrases are:

  • I’m Sorry
  • I Forgive You
  • I Thank You
  • I Love You

All of the phrases that are said implicitly, and explicitly during the Liturgy of the Mass.