The Four Phrases DVD

The Lenten Mission That Has Changed Lives Across the Country Now on DVD!

Note: the DVD is now SOLD OUT! The Mission Videos and Course can now be found at

This Mission Video, shot at St Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Powell, Ohio, will bring all of the laughter of this Mission that has been preached to THOUSANDS across the Country to your Living Room!

Not only will you laugh, but these DVD’s also capture the essence of the Four Phrases that have changed the lives of many people:

Disc 1: The Opening Talk:

Story: “The Big Red Button”
Sin and Redemption
Made in the Image and Likeness of God
Story: “Junior Prom”
Adam and Eve: The First Sin
Jesus: The New Adam Who Loves Us
The Mass: The Four Phrases

Disc 2: I’m Sorry and I Forgive You

Story: “4th Grade Loan Shark”
Sin is “Moral Debt”
Making Amends
Story: “Santa Stealing Christmas”
Resentment or Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a Process
How to Forgive

Disc 3: I Thank You and I Love You

Story: “Polkas From Around the World”
The Universal Song of Heaven and Earth
Story: “Lucy and Betty”
Gratitude Changes Our Lives
People Need to Know You Value Them
Story: “Airport LUV”
Love is What We Are Made For
Bringing Heaven to Earth!