Shame and Sin

Shame is the belief that many people have that “there is something about them, or that happened to them, that makes them unloveable by anyone-God included.”  Shame is the root cause of addictions, unhealthy relationships, and certainly, unhealthy behavior.

The good news is that shame does not have to rule ones life, paralyzing someone by fear, anger, or avoidance behavior such as addiction.

In this two hour talk, Fr. Wagner will go over the causes of shame, and some possible remedies for people dealing with traumatic histories, or events in their lives.  In fact, all of us are lovable, and once people begin to believe it, they will begin to treat themselves, and others, with dignity.

This talk covers:

  • Shame as the result of sin
  • The psychological effect of shame
  • The origins of shame (personal history and the “Shame Pyramid”)
  • The practical effects of sin (fear, anger, and addiction)
  • The solution to shame and pathological behavior
  • The effects of grace and redemption on shame
  • The cross as that which uses shame as a means of redemption
  • Empathy as a remedy
  • Practical guides to empathy