Presence Makes Perfect

“Presence Makes Perfect” is a Parish Mission or Retreat that is centered around Stewardship in the Church.  This 3 hour talk is meant to inspire your parishioners to find their identity and place in the Church, and use their gifts and talents to build the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God right here.  When this Mission or retreat is used in conjunction with the Parish’s Stewardship efforts, powerful things can happen.

The three talks within this Mission/Retreat are:

  • The Domestic Church: Where we first meet Jesus and the Church (Baptism)
  • The Local Church: How to bring your gifts and talents to the local church community and parish. (Eucharist)
  • The Universal Church: A Symbol of Hope and a Universal Family United in the Holy Spirit (Confirmation)

This talk can be given in a one hour, shortened, format that will touch on the most important parts as well.  All retreats include the willingness to hear confessions and celebrate Mass and preach.