Leadership is more than just supervising. Would you like to be a leader that inspires employee loyalty? Do you want to inspire your employees to be more loyal to you and to your organization? Do you want your employees to be more productive?

Studies show that employees are more productive when they like and respect their managers and leaders. Yes, that means when you are a good leader, you and your employees benefit. Everyone makes more money, and relationships around the office improve. Unfortunately, many leaders aren’t earning the love and respect of their employees.

Nearly 40% of workers have left a job because of a boss. More than 60% say that their bosses do not motivate them to do their best (source). Imagine if you could understand how to better motivate that 60% to do their best…what would that do to your bottom line?

Theta Storm provides the answer! Try our informative, fun, and interactive leadership module. Your managers will thank you for helping them learn these fun and practical concepts. In this module, managers will learn:

  •  How to stop doing the things that cause problems to amplify among employees, and replace these behaviors with good ones that create a positive effect
  •  The four styles of communication, and why it is essential a leader avoid three of them!
  •  Simple body language tricks that can increase chemicals in the body associated with good leaders (yes, it is true!)
  •  Why leading by guilt, shame, fear, etc, hurts an organization in the long run, and how to replace these tactics with effective powerful ones
  •  Why a good leader lives a balanced life outside of work, and how to do this in the modern, hectic, world
  •   Why a good leader is detached, and how to accomplish this
  •   And much, much, more!

Also, don’t just limit this module to mangers. This module will inspire all of your employees to become better leader, whether they are supervising a few other people, or merely leading “themselves.”