In today’s competitive economic environment, every business must persuade potential customers that its product can meet their needs in a way that is superior to competing brands. In addition, employees must learn persuasion skills, not only to sell a product, but also to sell their ideas, whether to managers, co-workers, or those they supervise.

Lots of businesses and organizations have a great product or core message, but they eventually fail because their employees lack the ability to persuade others of that value. In addition, many managers and company leaders have a difficult time convincing workers of valuable ideas and positions because they have never learned how to authentically persuade others.

Father Wagner offers a presentation and program entitled “Mastering the Art of Persuasion,” which helps businesses and their employees craft a clear, attractive message and then present it in a way that effectively reaches customers. In addition, we give employees the tools to confidently present their ideas to others within the company.

Our unique tips are taken from fields such as psychology, linguistics, and body language studies, to help your organization successfully persuade others, whether it is convincing customers to buy a product or increasing employee productivity. Although ideal for salespeople, this presentation is beneficial to everyone within a business.

Our tips and techniques include:

  • Proven influence methods
  • Rapport Building
  • Creating optimal body language
  • Linguistic persuasion techniques
  • And More!

These modules can be presented as a large conference, workshop, or even one on one coaching, with personal attention.