Father Joshua Wagner is a Roman Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio.  He was ordained to the priesthood in 2004, after having studied in Rome, Italy, at the Vatican.  After his studies, he was assigned to the largest parish in the Diocese, St Brigid of Kildare, where his interest in organizational behavior, personal psychology and human nature, and business began.



The Church Runs Like a Large Business

Fr. Wagner is currently the pastor of two inner city Catholic Churches in Columbus, Ohio, (Holy Rosary St John [HRSJ] and St Dominic) where he manages 1 Million Dollars of business annually for the church, and millions of dollars more in assets.  Since becoming the Pastor in 2010, Fr. Wagner has increased revenue of HRSJ 39%, and St Dominic 17%, as well as having successfully completed a $350,000 renovation to HRSJ in 2011, all done through outside contributions from various parts of Columbus, Ohio.  Sufficed to say, the Church is a business and an organization like any other, and it carries with it the same difficulties and dynamics as any big business. Sometimes more!

fr wagner stained glassFr. Wagner in front of the $69,700 window renovated in 2011 (Photo from The Columbus Dispatch)

Non-Profit Boards

Fr. Wagner also sits on two non-profit boards, The St. John Learning Center, which provides GED opportunities for those in the inner city of Columbus, and the Community Kitchen Incorporated that feeds over 85,000 people annually in two locations.  He has been through several different board development trainings with those boards.


Fr. Wagner received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Pontifical College Josephinum, in Columbus, Ohio.  He graduated Cum Laude with a Major in Philosophy, and Minors in Classical Languages and Literature.  He went on to study at the Pontifical North American College, Vatican City, and received his Bachelor of Sacred Theology from Pope John Paul II, studying at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Manga Cum Laude.

In addition to 8 years of seminary training, both in the US and the Vatican, Fr. Wagner has also completed business and organizational behavior courses with the SBDC (Small Business Development Center, Columbus, Ohio), Modelnetics, an organizational management training course from the “Main Event Management” Company, based out of Houston, Texas, as well as the Pro-Track Course through the National Speaker’s Association (NSA) where he was trained by some of the finest speakers and consultants working across various industries.

Public Speaking and Business

Fr. Wagner, in addition to his ministerial and administrative duties, has also owned his own speaking business, “Total Possibility,” since 2007, and has spoken in numerous religious organizations, businesses and non-profit organizations across the country, to tens of thousands of people, in groups both large and small.  He also does stand-up comedy from time to time!

St. John's Mission March 2012 210

Fr. Wagner Speaking at a Conference

While he spends a lot of his time running the two inner city parishes, he is a passionate student of human nature, reads anything he can on organizational and personal behavior, and has successfully helped countless people, both professionally and personally.  He formed Theta Storm with David and Jonathan Bennett in October of 2010.

St. John's Mission March 2012 175Fr. Wagner signing books after a conference

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