How an organization communicates its vision to employees, managers, or potential clients on a large scale defines the way that the organization or business is viewed internally and externally, and is a determining factor on it’s bottom line and internal efficiency.

Purpose of this Module: Teach presentation skills that captivate the audience, maintains their interest and attention, and effectively communicates a message that they will always remember, and move the audience, as a whole, and as individuals, toward a particular action or outcome.

Father Wagner has had numerous opportunities to speak in front of crowds numbering in the thousands, and is are well aware of the effect that a great presentation can have on people, both as a group, and as individuals. We have also seen the effects of what happens when a speaker is less than inspiring, captivating, and informative. The effect of a speaker on an organization or team can be long lasting, and far reaching, as the ripple effect of a great or not so great presentation easily moves from the presentation.

Whether you are presenting to a small group of ten people, or getting ready for that corporate seminar, this module teaches the secrets that we have effectively used for years to captivate an audience of any size, no matter who the group is, or what the topic is. These tips and techniques not only captivate an audience so that they remember the information given, but can inspire them toward whatever action, be it better productivity, better corporate unity, or that big sale. You won’t have to look any farther than your own organization for that next great inspiring speaker!

This Module Teaches:

  • Scientifically proven ways to reduce “stage fright,” “jitters” and the anxiety that often accompanies public speaking.
  • Stage Dynamics to utilize the space, audio and visual equipment, props and slides to successfully move a group toward action.
  • Tips and tricks to get and maintain “laser-beam focus” from the crowd to the speaker.
  • Creating a singular mindset of the crowd.
  • Creating emotional experiences for crowds, which is proven to help them retain information given.
  • Moving the crowd toward effective action.
  • Techniques to help them retain the information conveyed.

This module is most effectively given in a workshop format, or one on one coaching.

Module Length: One Hour