In a tough economy, businesses need the edge that excellent communication skills can provide. Communicating is the foundation of most businesses, from expressing the value of a product to effectively managing and motivating employees. Unfortunately, communication skills are rarely taught in school and most institutions find those skills sorely lacking in the “real world” as well.

The team at Theta Storm proudly offers a series of communication modules called “Thinking, Communication, and Interaction.” Utilizing the latest research and drawing upon extensive experience, these presentations equip employees of all levels to confidently, respectfully, and successfully communicate with each other and with customers.

Theta Storm recognizes that communication requires more than just learning to speak gracefully in the presence of others. Effective communication requires a change in thinking and acting, developing confidence, empathy, and poise. It also requires a company environment of mutual loyalty and trust, where the best ideas are clearly rewarded.

Too many businesses suffer from low employee morale, a poor reputation with customers, and a failure to convincingly sell their product to the maximum number of customers. Theta Storm’s communication module can help successfully transform your company’s culture and message and increase employee loyalty and productivity.

The communication module features:

These modules can be presented as a large conference, or workshop with personal attention.