“The only thing that constant is change.”–Heraclitus

Change is inevitable in any organization.  Leaders come and go, employees get promoted, people have kids or get married, and technology gets upgraded to more efficient programs and systems.  It is a truth that change is inevitable, and also, people will resist it.

Purpose of this talk: The Purpose of this talk is to demonstrate ways to alleviate the loss of efficiency, the negative feelings, and the confusion that stems from organizational and personal change.  Based on scientific research of how the brain works, we can see why people resist change, and also how to move past that resistance to find equilibrium and the increased productivity that prompted the change in the first place.

Basic organizational behavior theory dictates that there will be a loss of efficiency following any change, whether it is a positive change (such as fast growth in a company) to negative change such as a re-organization or the loss of an important person like a CEO or other executive.  No matter the change, this “change curve” can have an adverse effect on how the company or organization performs, down to the basic individual.  However, there are also ways to understand, and even facilitate change where people quickly embrace the change, and even have a desire for it.

In this module, you will learn:

  • When to recognize that change is necessary.
  • How to decide what changes are necessary and develop a strategic plan to implement it.
  • How to “sell” the necessity for change to your organization and even create the desire for change.
  • How to minimize the “change curve” via proven techniques.
  • How to deal with the “bottom” of the change curve.
  • Finding equilibrium and peace… until the next change!

This module is best presented in large conferences, workshops, or one-on-one coaching.

Talk presentation time: One and a half to two hours.