The best business is not found by spending millions of dollars on advertising, but by the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships. If you can teach people how to network and build mutually beneficial relationships utilizing the modern tools and technology that is out there, you will see an amazing positive effect on organizational growth.

Purpose of this Module: To teach both extroverted and introverted people how to establish mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships that will not only benefit them personally and professionally, but the entire organization as well. Further, this networking is done both internally, within the organization to improve organizational integrity, as well as externally, outside of the organization, with potential partners and clients.

Everything comes down to the relationships that we have, both personally and professionally. If you can learn how to meet, establish relationships with, and follow up with potential clients and partners, your reach will exponentially improve.

This module teaches you the basics of group and social dynamics so that anyone can become a master networker, no matter their personality. In this module you will learn:

  • How to establish your presence in the room as the person that people want to meet.
  • How to effectively utilize networking events and networking groups and organizations to increase your social footprint.
  • How to “win over” a group of people, as well as individuals that you might meet.
  • Effective ways to capture contact information, and how to actually USE it!
  • How to synergize your own network with someone else’s.
  • Find clients and partners for your business or organization.
  • Build mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships where everyone wins BIG!
  • How to utilize personality traits, such as being an introvert and extrovert to maximize networking effectiveness (and how to deal with the liabilities of each personality type)
  • Utilize Modern Technology such as LinkdIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others to establish, maintain, and capitalize on business networking relationships.

This presentation is most effective in a large conference and seminar setting, a smaller workshop, or even one-on-one coaching.

Module Presentation Length: One Hour