The Lenten Mission That Has Changed Lives Across the Country Now on DVD!

Finally, you can own the 3 Disc DVD Set of The Four Phrases that Will Change Your Life!

This DVD, shot at St Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Powell, Ohio, will bring all of the laughter of this Mission that has been preached to THOUSANDS across the Country to your Living

Not only will you laugh, but these DVD’s also capture the essence of the Four Phrases that have changed the lives of many people:

$20.00 USD
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 A Cure For Heartburn


would like to announce  the publication of my long awaited book “A Cure for Heartburn!” Now available in paperback, or on popular e-reader formats Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook!
This is a book filled with humorous stories that will Make you laugh, as well as serious points that will make you think.  The perfect read for a dreary winter day!



Do you want to invigorate your prayer life?!  The Four Pillars of Prayer is a simple guide to the general structure of Prayer- Quality, Consistency, Activity and Passivity- which can be applied to any type of prayer or spirituality that you currently enjoy, or would like to develop.

This short guide available on NookKindle
, or .PDF Download uses funny stories to illustrate serious points about how to move your prayer to the next level.  Using the “Our Father” prayer as a template for all types of prayer we see how the “Our Father” itself contains all Four Pillars of Prayer.

The Four Pillars of Prayer will help you to see how prayer itself is structured, which will help you to structure your own personal devotions and spirituality and move closer to God, and the experience of “Heaven on Earth!

Download your copy for only $3.99! At the Nook store, AmazonKindle, or PDF Download that can be read by any computer or device!


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