28288_416287605451_5664177_nFr. Wagner has accumulated and processed an immense amount of information via research and experience over the last few years to help you and your organization achieve success.  That information is organized into a “Modular” system that allows you and your organization to process and remember the tips and techniques of success that we have integrated into our own lives.  His talks and presentations move from the very general modules, such as “Organizational Behavior” and “Improve Communication,” which touch generally on topics, to very specific modules such as “Reading Body Language” and “Conflict Resolution.”


There are also several Religious Presentations, specifically Christian and Catholic,  by Fr Wagner as well!

Most modules can be presented in a large conference format, in small workshops and break-out sessions, where it can be more effectively grasped.

Whatever the needs of your organization or business might be, you can “mix and match” the modules that are going to help you to come to a state of integrity and growth!