It is impossible to not communicate. Even when you keep your mouth closed, your body is subconsciously communicating. Are you communicating openness? A closed attitude? Confidence? Stress? Understanding body language improves your communication ability, and allows you to better read others and control the way you are projecting yourself.

This module will show members of your organization how to read body language in others, and how to utilize their own body language to create greater harmony and cooperation at work. This is a fun and informative interactive presentation that employees will remember for a long time. In this module, members of your organization will learn:

  •  The basics of reading body language, outlined by location on the body
  •  What your body language tells others about you
  •  How to change your body language to change others’ perception about you
  •  How to change the physiology of the body using body language
  •  A “Body Language Field Guide” is included with this presentation.

Module Length: one to two hours