Hi there folks!

I have a bunch of digital products and downloads that I have created over the years.  Some are parish missions, some are ebooks, others homilies.  There are also some people I have partnered with to create some other exciting things.   I would like to spread the word and make them available to whomever might need some inspiration or guidance.

Also, if I can help you a little bit that is great!

There is  a 40% commission on whatever people buy from you.

So if you sell, $10, you get $4.  And it is pretty easy- as easy as sending an email to your friends, or telling them on Facebook, or whatever.

This process is pretty easy- all you need is an email address and a paypal account (so you can get paid)

Sign up below (so I know that you are interested) and I will send you all the info you need!

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