Audio Podcast: Incorruptible Saints!

10644637_1515798805321532_3101331584325965020_n Here is the Audio Podcast for the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary time! In this podcast: We have a great show in store for you:

Pope Francis
Top ten most INCORRUPTIBLE saints from around the world!
This Sunday’s reading!
Catechism of the Catholic Church
St. Monica and St Augustine
I will take your questions!



To Listen on any device, press play! (Audio Starts at :20 seconds!)

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Podcast: The Single Life and Matthew Chapter 15

basilica-del-pilar-sunset.jpg-tmHere is the video replay and audio download and podcast of the Wednesdays with Wagner for August 13th, 2014!

In this session we cover:

Highlights from Pope Francis
Top ten most stunning Catholic Basilicas in the world
Matthew 15
The catechism
Vocations: Single life


Video Replay: